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Hi, I'm Nikki, your private health consultant.

I am a certified Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition. I help thriving professionals feel better and look younger, through expert advice and actionable solutions in nutrition and lifestyle.

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Listen to Taylor's success story going from a size 10 to a size 2.

My 12 Week Package Includes:

Initial Consultation

This is where I ask a million questions. I want to hear it all. No detail is lost on me. What did you eat as a child? What do you cook on? How do you sleep? I want to give you expert advice, so I want to know everything.

Health Assessment Quiz

At the beginning of the program you get to take a comprehensive 300 question nutrition assessment. This is a beast of an assessment. But, I love it! Because it educates you on symptoms that are happening in your life, that you had no idea you could recover from! See, now you love it too.

Daily accountability

Every day you will keep a "Food and Mood" journal. And in my experience, the clients that put their heart and soul into this process, achieve SO much success! Don't worry, I will help you know exactly what to do.

One on One coaching

These are weekly live Zoom calls where I get to tell you how amazing you are. And then together we choose your next steps for the week. This keeps your progress steady and inspiring.

Listen to Carmen's success while maintaining her busy lifestyle.

My consulting isn't a fad or trend diet


My Consulting

Feel better, look better

12 Week
Private Consulting package

More testimonials

On my personal journey to improve my health I was finally diagnosed with Hashimotos. I met Nikki a Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner who jump started me on the right path. She was able to identify fundamental problems like digestion, toxicity, mineral deficiencies, and encouraged me to pursue more ways to improve my health and wellness. She is so very supportive always positive and an excellent nutritional coach.
Mother of 4
I had 4 kids in 5 years, I was stressed and tired and couldn’t lose the baby weight. But also, I was gaining weight and felt yucky ( for lack of a better word). My life was ruled by my menstrual cycle- hormones all over the place. I had tried a few fad diets and numerous exercise programs to get to a “healthy spot”. But nothing really worked as a long term solution. I knew there was something out there, but I didn’t know what is was or where to find it. Enter Nikki!! That beautiful angel was first and foremost supportive. My husband and I both used her as a nutritional therapist and her approach to me was very different than my husband.

She considered all aspects of my life, not just the input and output of my food and/or exercise. She’s intuitive and kind. She worked with my timeline, but also held me accountable. She encouraged me to listen to myself, but in a real and honest way. I trust myself more now which is huge!! That’s just the emotional side of it- as far as nutrition goes, I’ve learned that food IS medicine and that’s how i will heal. I’ve learned how to make the best food choices and not be ashamed of those choices (like whether to indulge or abstain from certain things).

Nikki doesn’t do weight loss- she does nutritional therapy. However, because she taught me what real food should do for me, I did end up losing about 15 lbs in 4 ish months (that was not the goal!), my hormones are becoming balanced (a more consistent cycle, less PMS symptoms etc), the depression I have felt is lessening and I’m becoming the mom and wife I’ve always wanted to be. I still have a ways to go as far as feeling wholly myself, but I have the tools needed to get me there.
Mom of 4, Athlete
I think I realized it was working when I had been doing Nikki's program for a couple weeks, and then I ate something that I knew wasn't good for me, and felt the difference. That's always the thing for me. I have to have that moment when I step back into my old life for a second and feel the difference, and then I'm converted. The other thing was--and it was one of the biggest surprises to me about all of this--was how directly connected what I eat is to my emotions. How I feel about myself, my life, my marriage, other people etc. Even my dreams are weirder and more disturbing when I eat something that doesn't agree with me. I've been vaguely aware of that concept for years, but it was always kind of a mythical sort of thing to me. Since beginning to work with Nikki, though, now I have my own proof that it is actually true. Having been a kind of slave to my emotions for several years now, due to hormone issues and just being a hyper sensetive, creative person, I can't tell you how liberating it has been to find that I have the key to turning those emotions up or down now. And it all has to do with what I put into my body. Food is so powerful, and having the knowledge necessary to know how to use food properly makes it even more so.
Hannah Clark
Mother and business owner
I have had a poor diet my entire life. Large portions of sugar and Diet Coke daily for years. I was overweight, tired constantly, depressed and experiencing a lot of anxiety. I had tried to diet or stop drinking diet coke many times, sometimes it worked for a while, but nothing ever stuck long enough to make a difference and I always ended up in the same place with additional weight. Nikki is so knowledgeable and has insights I couldn’t have found on my own. She made me accountable in a way that was helpful not punitive. She started where I was and guided me to a better place. And never did she act like I was a loser or a bad person for the struggle and imperfections. I started with dragging my feet and then I was watching my husband drop tons of weight working with Nikki. I wasn’t as motivated by the other health benefits but the weight really caught my attention. Then I got more serious. Once I began focusing and being more diligent I noticed so many changes. My depression and anxiety were gone. My work improved as I was able to focus ore, I was making fewer errors. My sleep improved and now after 6 months I have dropped and kept off 33 pounds. I feel way more energetic and emotionally stable. The cravings for sugar and caffeine are mostly gone. I can make food choices now rather than just eating what I see or whats available. I like the new me!
Mother, Grandma, Book keeper
A little under 10 years ago, I was getting sick about every 6 weeks. My baby was the same, getting sick every 4-6 weeks with upper respiratory issues and had continuous rashes and eczema. It was hard to get out of bed and get started with my day and once I did, I needed a regular dose of caffeine to make it through.  I felt out of control and at wits end.  
Career Consultant

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