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Fearless Wellness with Nikki and Sydney


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Taylor’s transformation from a size 10 to size 2

But really what you gave me is you empowered me and you enabled. To change my own life. I mean, everything looks different for me. Everything. I used to be the girl that would go to McDonald’s and order 20 to 40 nuggets and eat ’em myself. When we went to Panera and they had the, you pick two, I’d order two of those and they get a, you pick four.

And I was terrified of redefining my friendships. And I’ve been able to do that. I was terrified to say my needs first, but now I can say it no problem. I have boundaries in my personal life. I have boundaries in my food life.
Everything has changed, um, because you helped me change, and I am just so grateful for that.

You know enough

I want you to know is that you know enough to start taking action. We wanted to talk today a little bit about the things that we know. So we’re gonna talk about things that your body doesn’t need. We’re gonna talk about things that your body does need, and we’re gonna talk about how important it is for you to pay attention to your bio-individuality.

Do you miss being young?

Getting older means more pain in your joints, slower digestion, less activity, slower metabolism right? It seems right because it’s all around us. But what if that’s not true? Learn more in todays episode.

Would you rather?

“For sure I would’ve given up gut health. I would’ve been like, give me the Tums because of this pain. Like, it was just so, overwhelming. But then for some people Tums isn’t enough. They have to like go on to use other things like acid blockers, not just acid neutralizers.

They go on to use more because it’s not enough. Tums becomes not enough. And heartburn is so bothersome. But, fast forward, you know, like 10, 12 years. And I learned that one of the reasons most people have heartburn is because they don’t have enough stomach acid.”

What you need to know about mold with Megan Gump, FNTP

“The gravity plates are wonderful to look into your home, but also I don’t wanna discourage people to also look for, a practitioner to work with, to do like testing for themselves. So that’s also another really big, important piece of the puzzle because you can actually test your home and it comes back clean and you’re like, why am I dealing with all these symptoms? Like what’s going on, like you could be dealing with mold toxicity from a childhood house that you grew up in and it’s carried around with you for 20, 30, 40 years.”

Client success stories with weight loss and sleep

“With Nikki, she talks about how weight loss isn’t the primary goal. And I think it was more of a by-product of the work that we were doing together. But the success is defined really, not just about the weight loss, but about the general health improvements that I was seeing.

Now, that being said there definitely was a difference. I was not counting calories. I’m not limited myself to the amount of food. So it wasn’t portion control necessarily at all. I was focused really more on the types of foods that I was eating and then, of course, things like chewing, you know, making sure that we were doing the things that, that Nikki promoted and in the end I have lost 28 pounds in the last 11 weeks.” Kim Clark

Falling in love with the grind and loving the results

We think it’s very attractive to have all of these results in our lives. People want to lose weight. People want to have energy. People wanna have less mood swings. People want to not have so so much sickness. They wanna have less bloating and digestive issues. These are all results. And the thing that I am trying to draw the analogy to here is that in order to get results, you have to fall in love with the process that gets you those results.

So just a couple of quotes from Kobe Bryant about the efforts that it takes to be able to get the kind of results that he got in his life.

Client success stories with cutting out sugar

And they took her blood sugar numbers and she was not diagnosed as a type two diabetic any longer. And her blood pressure was doing amazingly well and she’d lost 15 pounds. So, if you’re out there and you’re thinking to yourself that this is not a possibility for you, that yeah, that’s all fine and good Sydney, you guys are in your forties. So that’s, you know, that’s when you can still improve your health and, and that’s when you still have control over your future. but I’m too old and there’s nothing that can be done. And this is my fate. For those of you that might be thinking that I just wanna tell you that you do not have to be locked in. There are amazing things that can happen no matter what age you are.

Emotional Eating with Dr. Mike Frazier, MD

Whether you struggle with emotional eating or any other type of destructive behavior, Dr. Mike’s use of the the life coach model can help you “name, breathe, feel, deal” your way to conquering those situations.

Is cutting out sugar even reasonable?

But the majority of human connection actually happens in our mind. It’s the way we think about ourselves and other people. It’s the way we think about our relationships, whether we think we’re really connected with someone or not. And the point is that our human experience of connection happens a lot on our mind and that’s really, really good. Because if you’re trying to eat less sugar and you’re worried about what it will do to you socially, you just need to know that you have a lot of power to create and establish real human connection with just a little bit of mindfulness.

My doctor offered to terminate my pregnancy

This episode if for you if you’re interested to know how you can take control and affect positive change on your long-term health. We’re gonna be using pregnancy as the main tool to facilitate this discussion. But the goal is to help you to understand the importance of being at the head of the decision making process, when it comes to your own personal health for today and discussing Nikki’s, doctor’s offering to terminate her pregnancy, we’re not gonna discuss the details of the laws or advocate for one side or the other, but we do wanna engage you on the importance of taking control of your own health. And we recognize there are many different situations that are different from Nikki’s, but we’re offering her experience to help empower you with reasons why taking control of your own health is the best long term solution.

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